About me

I’m Katherine. I share my birthday with Bob Dylan and Blondie was number 1 on the day I was born. I’m married and have two gorgeous boys. Bobble is almost 3 and Little H is 7 months old.  I’m a northerner by birth but have a rather nomadic record when it comes to places that I’ve lived since leaving home. I’ve been settled in Cambridgeshire for the last five years. Before the arrival of my first gorgeous baby boy – we call him Bobble – I commuted into London where I worked in online marketing. Redundancy close to the end of my pregnancy left me an open door when it comes to my working life. Between babies I decided to give freelancing a shot. I'm still on maternity leave after Little H but you can still find out about the professional me at www.katherine-hesketh.com

My family comes the top of my list of loves, but after that I’ve got a lot of time for travelling, music, online stuff and baking. I’m openly and proudly frugal when it comes to spending money, but I also believe in spending money on the important things, like holidays. I'm a creative of habit. I like planning things and love a good project, which is usually accompanied by a spreadsheet. Monica from Friends is my hero. I just wish I had her passion for cleaning!

What is One Good Turn all about?

I started this blog because I wanted to give something back. I've been reading blogs and seeking help online for so many years, but I've never reciprocated. I love helping people and sharing knowledge and advice, so I decided that it was time to start putting some of my know how out there. I certainly don't promise to be any kind of expert, nor can I offer the kind of help you might get from a professional. I'm just hoping that someone might stumble across a post that I've written that solves a problem for them, brightens their day or gives them a delicious recipe for something new. And if that's you, then the job's a good 'un!

(The legal, back-covering stuff... all opinions are my own, I'll credit other people's content where appropriate and be upfront where I have been asked to review something for PR purposes.)